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WIZZ WIZZARD 'Where The River Runs Cold' CD


The 2nd album from Belgium's Wizz Wizzard, official release date 14th March 2016.

(Everyone pre-ordering this album before 1st March will also receive a free copy of the Wizz Acoustic EP 'Rock Lives On' plus a unique discount code for a huge 50% discount on any CD at the Rocksector Records store).

1 Crucified
2 On the Edge Of Desire
3 Heaven
4 The Wolf
5 Live Or Die
6 World Of Shadows
7 Rock Lives On
8 Break Away
9 Road To Valhalla
10 Return Of The Vampires
11 Wonders Of The World

Features guest guitars by Luke Appleton (Iced Earth / Absolva / Fury UK) & guest backing vocals by Chris Appleton (Blaze Bayley / Absolva / Fury UK).