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TYSONDOG "Cry Havoc" Standard CD

Image of TYSONDOG "Cry Havoc" Standard CD


*** Official release date 20th April 2015 ***

As revealed during the press conference at SOS Festival on 20th July 2014, we're delighted to confirm that NWOBHM heroes TYSONDOG have joined Rocksector Records for the release of "Cry Havoc", an album of brand new songs.

Back in 1984 the likes of Malcolm Dome, Geoff Barton & Dante Bonutto were tipping Tysondog for major success, emerging at that time from the force that had become known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. One way or another, the fates conspired to deprive Tysondog of the international fame that so many thought they were destined for and in time the band disappeared from the limelight.

Nevertheless, Tysondog's rich history was not forgotten & having re-started their engines, have gradually worked their way back with a new perspective on life and the band is happy to see that people are taking notice. Only recently when the news broke that the band was joining Rocksector Records during SOS Festival, the power, precision and impact of their live performance at the same event won many new fans/friends. That's typical of the response this band is receiving.

Band members:

John Carruthers (vocals)
Kev Wynn (bass)
Paul Burdis (Guitar)
Phil Brewis (Drums)
Stevie Morrison (Guitar)

Band website :